Description: JørgenGeneral Information

Name:                             Jørgen Rune Mortensen

Address:                         Vesterbygdvej 10

                                         DK-3650 Ølstykke


Date of birth:                 1966-07-14

Marital status:               Married with Bente – we have 2 children

Education:                     Master of Science in electronic engineering

Driver license:                B, C, D

Primary language:        Danish

Secondary language:   English




2007 –

2007 – 2007

Senior Consultant – Intracom IT-Services Denmark A/S

System Specialist – Intec Billing, Roskilde

1999 – 2007

Software Engineer / Senior Consultant – Logica (WM-data Danmark A/S), Ballerup

1994 – 1999

Software Engineer – Infocom Communication A/S / Stento A/S, Brøndby

1993 – 1994

Software developer – FK-Data, Ringsted

1992 – 1993

Service Agent – AVIS Car Rental, Nr. Sundby

1991 – 1992

Lance Corporal – Danish Civil Defense, Thisted


Graduated as Master of Science – AUC


In my current position at Intracom IT-Services I am senior consultant on the software development of ESKORT Systems (our brand) for Customs and Revenue agencies in a variety of different countries. My role is mainly to be the link between the customers and our development team by, in collaboration with the customers, settling the requirement specifications in a way which on one hand makes the requirements understandable and recognizable by the customers and on the other also provides the developers the required knowledge in order to make the final implementation. From this I have gained a lot of experience in making specification and training workshops together with customers as well as the final installation and test.

My technical work today is mostly concentrated on configuration of the final systems and less (but still some) programming.

The applied programming languages have mainly been in JAVA, C++ and SQL usually configured using XML, XSLT and SQL-scripts.

I am experienced in software design and programming especially concerning object oriented analysis, design and implementation. I aim at designing software to be as configurable and flexible as possible and thereby gaining the benefits of reusing software modules, able to be configurable for various installations in order to improve the testability as well as making it as easy to understand as possible.

I am experienced in developing software using the three-tiered models on many different platforms – my experiences spans from database design and implementation, business and functional logic at the server side as well as the presentation layer implemented as an intuitive GUI or as interface to external systems.

At Infocom Communication and Stento I was developing software for mobile radio systems. I have developed software for the MSR3C radios for the Danish Railways, Irish power supplies and the train installations for the Metro in Lisbon. The development was made in C, Assembler and Pascal usually containing high-performing multitasking systems in a hardware oriented environment.

Programming Languages


Experienced (x86, Motorola HC11)


Very experienced (Borland Turbo Pascal 5.5 + Borland Pascal 6.0)


Very experienced (Motorola radio systems)


Very experienced (Microsoft Visual Studio, ANSI, Gnu)


Very experienced (Net Beans, J2EE, JMS, EJB, Data Source, etc.)


Very experienced






See databases below




·       WebLogic on Windows, AIX, Solaris

·       JBoss on Windows

·       UNIX on AIX, Solaris

·       ROS on Motorola Mobius Radios

·       Sybase ASE 11.9, 12.5

·       Oracle

·       MS SQL Server

·       DB2

·       Ingress

Project Management

During my work at Logica, WM-data and Intracom I have become more and more involved in the project management. The projects have involved the risk analysis systems for customs clearance in Denmark, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Lithuania and South Africa and others as well as a case management and tracking system for South Africa Revenue Services. In my work I am making the connection between the customer’s requirements and our development team. My approach is to make the details as specific and understandable as possible for both parties. Hereby the expectations of the customer can be controlled and the development team knows what to develop. I believe this is the key for a satisfied customer and an efficient and non-frustrated development team. Due to my experience with the systems and my understanding of the customer’s needs, I am usually acting in these two roles:

1)              Representing the customer when we are designing the systems

2)              On behalf of the developers I am representing the system for the customer and discussing the possibilities in the systems and which new functions that can be implemented.

During my employment at Infocom Communication and Stento my working method was defined according to the standards specified by the companies through the ISO 9000 and AQAP certification. Following such strict methods causes a lot of overhead in the processes and is also time consuming due to the large number of meetings that must be held; however the results were high quality products but also more expensive. At my work at Intracom I am daily facing the opposite situation, where documentation and QA are a secondary priority in order to minimize costs, at the expense of the products quality. For that reason I have started several initiatives for introducing a more standardized working method. I believe that the optimum working method differs from company to company according to their actual size and products and the optimum can be found somewhere in between a total controlled development process and “anarchy”.

Consultancy and Specification

During the projects I am in close contact with the customers to establish their requirements and to perform the specifications for the systems as well as the installation and configuration of the final system. Due to these activities I have gained a lot experience in travel and I have improved my English language skills. The customers are the end customer (sometimes representing the end-user) as well as prime contractors (generally other companies to which our system interfaces). In both situations my task is to ensure progress in the specifications, the development of the systems as well as taking future systems in to considerations – I believe that a well-designed system provides the possibility for reusing system components, which in short terms can be a little more expensive but in the long terms benefits because already developed system components developed in a flexible way does not need to be redesigned, redeveloped and retested.

Training / Workshops

Because of my many close contacts with the customers and because of my knowledge of the products, I am also training the customers in the use of our products. These workshops spans typically over 2-3 days (sometimes more). I find it very inspiring communicating knowledge and giving new skills to other people. I sometimes feel a little nervous before the start of a workshop but it does not take long before I fell rather comfortable in the teacher role.

The preparation of a workshop and my teacher role in the training sessions forces me to concretize my knowledge and thoughts. I fell quite well in that role due to my belief in knowledge is of no use unless you are able to communicate it.


I believe that an employee should not be measured on the professional performance skills only, but also on the qualities of the personality; a person having vast amounts of knowledge that they are unable or unwilling to communicate benefits no-one.

I am a happy and open person easily to befriend. I love a good laugh and like making gags. Initially I am expecting other people to be honest and to have real intentions. In case I am confronted with dishonesty or bad intentions my first intuition is to try to explain the reason why – Basically I believe that people will not try to harm other people unless it is done in self-defense. I prefer to put the positive sides of people to the forefront instead of focusing on their negative sides. I understand and respect that people are different, each having different reasons and capabilities. I think this is a force rather than an obstacle and I disagree in trying to “normalize” people by suppressing differences. I agree in the fundamental rules in democracy that the decisions are made by the majority with respect for the minority. I love taking part in a good discussion and I like to listen to people’s opinions. I have a rather well defined set of reasons of how life works but I also aware that my reasons sometimes need to be updated.

I am a relaxed person and dress according to the actual situation. I enjoy working, I like being busy – but not all the time. In my free time I am a family man, with a wife and kids (and a dog). I have a passion for trains and in my spare time I love designing electronic circuits and writing programs for a model railway club in which I am a member.


Travel Experience

  • J2EE Application Servers (oes, Ballerup 2006)
  • Extended SQL (Teknologisk Institut, Tåstrup, 2005)
  • Object oriented analysis (Teknologisk Institut, 1998)
  • C++ with MFC (Teknologisk Institut, Hørsholm, 1998)
  • Extended first aid (Danish Civil Defence, Thisted, 1991)
  • Cyprus
  • Malta
  • South Africa
  • Ireland
  • Venezuela
  • Lithuania
  • Iceland
  • Vietnam
  • Other